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How far in advance can I order?

Orders can be placed up to 7 days before delivery.

What’s the cut-off time for placing my order?

The cut-off for placing your order at rfnv.co.uk is 6pm the evening before your chosen delivery day.

How can I check that my order has been placed?

When your order has been placed successfully, we’ll send a confirmation to your account email address. This will be closely followed by a payment receipt. It’s worth checking your spam/junk folder for these emails if you can’t find them in your inbox as they are occasionally classified incorrectly. You can also ensure that your order has been placed by checking the orders section of your account page.

Can I add to my order after it has been placed?

You can add to your order using our Add-On functionality. Simply add the items you require to your basket and take them through checkout as usual. On the delivery page of checkout you’ll see the option to add to your existing main order. Add-Ons cost 30p; there is no minimum spend. The deadline for placing an Add-On is 6pm the evening before the delivery day for your main order.

Can I remove an item from my order after it has been placed?

There is currently no way to do this through our website. Instead, you should contact us as early as possible and we’ll do our best to cancel the relevant item before delivery.

Can I change my delivery day after I have placed my order?

We can usually adjust delivery days for you. If you need to change your delivery day after your order has been placed, please email tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk or call 01702 963 009 as soon as possible.

Why can’t I place my order?

First, please check that you've provided a valid post code and that your order is above the minimum spend for your area. Alternatively, it might be that we have reached our delivery cap for your desired day. Get more information about delivery slots just under the 'How It Works' section of the rfnv.co.uk home page.

Why do I need to specify a Safe Place?

We need you to tell us where we can leave your delivery if it’s very early in the morning, if you’re out or if you’re not able to get to the door. To save you from typing this in each time you take your order through checkout, you can set up a default safe place in the Delivery and address details section of your account page.

What happens if one of the items in my order becomes unavailable?

If for some reason we cannot fulfil your order in full and one or more items are unavailable, we will substitute (if appropriate) or arrange a refund.

Can I see a list of the items that I frequently buy from rfnv.co.uk?

You can see items that you frequently buy from rfnv.co.uk in the My Items area of the produce page. This is a great way to start quickly filling your basket with the items you order week-in week-out. Also in My Items, you’ll find the ‘Same Again Please’ button. Use this button to add every item from your last order (in the same quantities) to your basket. Items that are no longer available will not be added to your basket.

How do you keep my card details safe?

We use Stripe to process payments on rfnv.co.uk. Stripe uses world-class security tools and practices to ensure your card details remain safe. Find our more here.

Why have my saved cards disappeared?

Cards can be archived in the ‘Active cards’ section of your account page. If your saved cards have disappeared and you didn’t archive them yourself, it could be that they passed their expiry date. Alternatively, they could have been archived automatically if you made changes to your saved address details. When customers change their address details, we have to archive their saved cards. This prevents payments on saved cards being declined as a result of the order billing address no longer matching the billing address associated with the card.

Do you do wholesale / business deliveries?

Yes. Please email tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk or call 01702 963 009 for details including pricing.

Can I do a one-off/occasional order to a different address?

You can. Simply, change the shipping address for your order on the address page of checkout. If you need to place an order for a different address on a regular basis, consider setting up a separate account to avoid accidentally ordering to the wrong address.


Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to SS0, SS1, SS2, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS11 and SS12, as well as some addresses in SS3. Click here to see find out whether we deliver to your area, when we delivery and what your minimum spend is.

How much do you charge for delivery?

We don't charge for main orders, only for 'Add-Ons'. To keep things this way, we group deliveries together by post code and apply a minimum spend. Click here to see which days we deliver to your area and what your minimum spend is. Add-Ons cost 30p.

How do I find the minimum spend for my area?

Click here to see which days we deliver to your area and what your minimum spend is.

Which days do you deliver to my area?

Click here to see which days we deliver to your area and what your minimum spend is.

Why is my next delivery day unavailable?

Unless RFnV is closed (usually only on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year), this is probably because our delivery slots have sold out for that day. Since Spring 2020, demand for our services has often been extremely high so we now cap the number of deliveries for each day. However, we make over 100 deliveries per day, so you should be able to get a delivery slot even if you have to wait a couple of days.

How can I find out how many delivery slots are left?

If you’re logged in to your rfnv.co.uk account, you’ll be able to see how many delivery slots are available in the week ahead by checking the blue box towards the top of the home and produce pages.

What time will you deliver my order?

Your order will be delivered in the morning (or very occasionally a little after midday) on your chosen day of delivery. We will leave your delivery in your designated safe place and put your order inventory through your letterbox to let you know we've delivered.

Would you like the delivery box back?

As a company we're tough on waste, so we love to reuse boxes (whether they’re cardboard, wood or plastic). If you've got somewhere convenient to store your box we'd be delighted to collect it next time we deliver to you and put it to good use again.

Why are there green van icons on the delivery page of checkout?

As a company, we care about our impact on the environment, and we know that RFnV customers like to be able to make environmentally informed decisions. A green van icon next to a delivery day means that we are already delivering to a customer in your neighbourhood on that day. When we deliver to more homes in a small area on the same day, we burn less fuel per delivery; this in turn results in reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases. We know that sometimes you need your fruit and veg delivered on a particular day. However, where the exact day isn't that important to you, we would encourage you to reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery by picking a delivery day with a green van next to it.

Why do you ask customers to opt in for the green vans feature? Shouldn't you just be showing green vans information to everyone?

For the green vans functionality to work, we have to share a very limited amount of information about your delivery with other customers. We can't do this without your permission. Our customers need to be able to make their own informed decisions about whether the green vans feature is right for them. It's not appropriate for us to decide on a customer's behalf.

What information about my delivery is shared with other customers and how?

If you opt in to green vans, we record your your delivery postcode and your chosen delivery day. Let's say we recorded a post code of SS6 7EF and a delivery day of Tuesday. When another customer who has opted in to green vans gets to the delivery page of checkout, they will see a green van next to Tuesday if their delivery postcode falls within a certain distance of SS6 7EF. Other customers can't see any details about your order directly; nothing is shared with them about who you are and what you've ordered, and they don't get to see the location of your address (either in text or on a map). They simply know that somebody else has asked for a delivery somewhere nearby on Tuesday.

Why should I opt in to the green vans feature?

If you're comfortable with the very limited amount of information sharing involved, the green vans feature enables you and other members of the RFnV community to make informed decisions about the environmental impact of your deliveries. If there's a green van next to a given delivery day, a customer knows that selecting that delivery day contributes to a reduction in emissions per RFnV delivery. The green vans feature only works well where lots of customers get involved.

What reasons are there not to opt in to the green vans feature?

Although the information being shared if you opt in to green vans functionality is very limited (see 'What information about my delivery is shared with other customers and how?' above), it is still information that is personal to you. Although it is unlikely, it is possible that somebody else could work out when you are having a RFnV delivery by combining the information shared via the green vans feature with other knowledge.


I’m looking for a specific item. What’s the best way to find it?

The items we sell are listed along with their prices on the produce page. We sell several hundred lines so if you're searching for a specific item, our search tool is probably the quickest way to find it. You can find the search tool on the produce page just below our sections/departments menu. Our search tool is also perfect for seeing and comparing every variety of a certain fruit or veg item.

Where do you get your fresh produce from?

The vast majority of our fresh produce is bought at New Spitalfields Market in London in the early hours of the morning before being delivered to customer homes. It is hand-picked and very fresh. Occasionally, we source seasonal fruit and veg directly from local producers.

How fresh is the fruit and veg?

Most of our fresh produce is bought at market in the early hours of the morning before it is delivered to your home. This means that it has likely been in the supply chain for a very short time. Customers report that our produce typically keeps several days longer than fruit and veg bought from major supermarkets.

Do you sell organic produce?

Since moving online, we have not been able to get a reliable enough supply of organic produce to be able to offer it on the website. Some of the produce that we deliver is organic anyway but we’re not able to guarantee it. Our produce is bought from market each morning and we don’t always use the same suppliers. We maintain very high standards of quality, freshness and value; adding a guarantee that a certain item will be organic isn’t possible at the moment.

Do you sell mixed boxes of fruit and veg?

No. Our mixed boxes used to be a popular part of our online offering. However, we had to retire them (reluctantly) as they were too labour-intensive to buy for and pack. Instead, we have updated the website to make putting together your own order quicker and easier than ever.

Do you offer gift products (such as fruit baskets)?

No. We don’t offer specific gift products. However, there’s nothing to stop you putting together a gift order and having it delivered to the address of your choice (within our area of coverage).

I’m trying to cut down on single-use plastics. How can I avoid this sort of packaging when shopping at rfnv.co.uk?

Many of the items on rfnv.co.uk are labelled as plastic-free. We show this by adding a blue wave icon to the top-right of the item’s picture on the produce page. Our plastic-free items are delivered to you without plastic packaging. They are also free from plastic packaging from the moment we first set eyes upon them. We have no reason to believe that they are stored or transported in single-use plastics earlier on in the chain. If you think we've listed an item in error, please tell us about it by emailing tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk.

How can I find out more about where the fruit and veg was grown?

Most items on rfnv.co.uk are marked with their country of origin. You can find the flag of the country of origin at the bottom left of an item’s image in the produce area of the website. We know that many customers like to use this information to inform their food miles decisions so we allow users to filter the produce pages by place of origin. The dropdown above item lists allows users to see items for the UK only, items from the UK and the EU, or all items.

What do the green class tags on fruit and veg listings mean?

In the UK, businesses that sell fresh produce are required to label fruit and veg by class. In short, Class I means ‘good quality’ whilst Class II means ‘reasonably good quality’.

How can I sort items on the produce page?

The ordering dropdown above item lists on the produce area of the website allows you to order items by popularity, by how recently they were added to the website, and alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A).

How does Rayleigh Fruit n Veg reduce and take responsibility for its impact on the environment?

We reduce the use of single use plastics as far as possible and reuse delivery boxes. We group deliveries by delivery area to minimise road miles. We give customers the opportunity to buy produce that might not usually make the cut but which is perfectly good for soups or smoothies. Additionally, we support customers to make informed buying decisions by telling them which part of the world their fruit and veg is coming from and whether it will be packaged in plastic. Our green vans tool lets customers know when we're already delivering to their neighbourhood so that they can reduce the carbon footprint of their delivery.


How can I change my account email address or password?

Go to rfnv.co.uk/account. The top section allows you to edit your login details.

How can I find out whether I have any account credit?

Occasionally, we add credit to a customer's account (to refund an unavailable product, for example). To find out if you have any unspent account credit (and to see how much) go to the credit section of your account page.

How can I change my default payment card?

If you have any saved payment cards, they will be listed in the ‘Active cards’ section of your account page. You can choose which one of these cards is selected as default by clicking its ‘Make default’ link.

How can I add a new payment card to my account?

There are 2 ways to do this: If you place your orders manually, the easiest thing to do is simply to add a new card when you checkout your next order. On the payments page of checkout, you can add details of your new card. If you don't place orders by hand because you have a RFnV subscription, you can add a new card in the Active cards section of your account page. Please note that your newly added card won't automatically be made your default card; you'll have to set it as default separately.


I think something is broken on the website. Who should I tell?

Please email tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk.

I have a technical query about how the website works. Who can I contact?

Please email tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk.

Something is missing from my delivery. Who should I contact?

Our most closely monitored contact channels are the tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk email account and the answerphone at 01702 963 009. Please use one of these to let us know as soon as possible and we’ll put the issue right as quickly as we can.

I would like to provide some feedback? How can I do this?

Feedback of all kinds is hugely important to us. Whether you just want to drop us a brief thought or you’ve got a longer idea, choose whichever of the following channels suits you best: tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk; 01702 963 009; text message to 07441 446 869.


What’s the best way to get in touch?

If your enquiry is urgent, please use one of the following channels: tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk; 01702 963 009. If you prefer to text and you don’t mind waiting for a response, use 07441 446 869. If you need to write to us, our registered address is 81 Louis Drive, Rayleigh, SS6 9DY.


Do I have to set up a subscription to be able to get a RFnV delivery?

No. You can place a one-off order. Simply add items to your basket and take them through checkout.

I'm not quite sure what the subscription cycle looks like. Could you show me?

Subscription cycle diagram

Can I set up a subscription for delivery more/less than once per week?

No. At the moment, this isn’t possible. We may look to add the ability to do this in future.

I place orders for several addresses from the same rfnv.co.uk account. Will a subscription work for me?

Probably not. At present, the subscription tool doesn’t work well with regular changes of address. If you order for several addresses and want to set up a subscription, the best thing to do is set up a rfnv.co.uk account for each address.

What happens if all of the delivery slots for my subscription delivery day are sold out?

Your subscription order will still be placed. The RFnV subscription tool overrides daily delivery caps so your order will be unaffected.

Where should I make changes if I just want to adjust my upcoming subscription delivery?

In this case, changes should be made to your rfnv.co.uk basket (not your subscription shopping list). To change quantities or remove items, go to your basket and make the changes there. Don’t forget to click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes. Add items to your basket using the blue basket button next to items on the produce page.

Where should I make subscription changes if I want the changes to be permanent?

These changes should be made to your subscription shopping list on your account page. If you want those changes also to be made to your upcoming delivery, press the ‘Sync’ button and your RFnV basket will be updated to match your subscription shopping list exactly.

How can I cancel my subscription delivery for this week only?

The easiest way to do this is to empty your rfnv.co.uk basket. If your rfnv.co.uk basket is empty, your order won’t be placed. Instead, the day before delivery day, you’ll get a notification informing you that your subscription order couldn’t be placed because it was below the minimum spend for your area.

If I go away, can I pause my subscription for a couple of weeks?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is to change your subscription first delivery date to the date when you want your subscription deliveries to resume. We won’t deliver to you before your subscription first delivery date has been reached. You can make this change in the subscription section of your account page.

When is the cut-off for making changes to my upcoming delivery?

The cut-off for subscription changes is midday the day before your delivery day. Some time just after midday, your order will be taken through checkout and placed. If you need to add to your order after it has been placed, you can manually place an Add-On order up until 6pm.

Why is the cut-off for subscription orders so much earlier than the cut-off for manually placed orders?

Subscription orders are taken through checkout early in the day so that if something goes wrong (e.g. your basket is below minimum spend for your area, or you have no active payment cards) there’s plenty of time during the afternoon to put this right.

How can I stop my subscription permanently?

You can stop your subscription immediately by clicking the ‘Stop subscription’ button in the subscription section of your account page. If you want to set a future end date for your subscription, you can set and save a last delivery date.

I want to set up my subscription but I’m not ready for it to start yet. Is there a way to do this?

Yes. Simply set and save your first delivery date in the subscription section of your account page.

What if something from my subscription shopping list isn’t available?

Unavailable items from your subscription shopping list aren’t added to your RFnV basket. We’ll notify you so that you have plenty of time to add a replacement to your basket (if appropriate). Where an item from your subscription shopping list has already been added to your basket before becoming unavailable, we’ll remove the item the day before your delivery day. Again, we’ll let you know that this has happened.

What if my basket drops below the minimum spend for my area?

If your basket is below the minimum spend for your area, your subscription order won’t be placed. However, we’ll notify you that this has happened so that you have an opportunity to put this right.

Do I have to have exactly the same items each week?

No. We add the items from your subscription shopping list to your RFnV basket a full week before your delivery day. You then have 6 and a half days to make as many changes to your basket as you like before it is taken through checkout the day before your delivery day.

Do I have to take my order through checkout myself?

No. The RFnV subscription feature will do this for you at noon the day before your delivery day.

How can I add a mobile number so that I receive important subscription notifications by text?

At present, the easiest way to do this is to send your updated mobile phone number to tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk. We’ll do the rest.

I just got a notification to say my subscription order wasn’t placed because it couldn’t be found. What should I do?

Most likely, this is because you have already checked out your subscription order by hand. If so, you don’t need to do anything else - your manually placed order has been received and will be delivered on the delivery day you selected in checkout. If you think something else has happened or something has gone wrong, email tom@rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk or call 01702 963 009 and we’ll look into it.

Why do you advise against setting up a subscription for Monday delivery?

More than half of UK bank holidays fall on a Monday. RFnV is closed on bank holidays. If Monday is the best day of the week for your RFnV subscription order, that’s no problem for us. We just want you to be aware that your subscription will be disrupted several times per year.

What happens to my subscription if my delivery day falls on a bank holiday?

It won’t be delivered. Instead, you will have to place an order by hand to cover that week. Our notification system will alert you several days in advance, so you shouldn’t have any nasty surprises.

What happens to my subscription at Christmas?

Up to now, our Christmas pre-ordering arrangements and our subscription system have been incompatible. For this reason, we usually pause all subscriptions over the Christmas period. If we develop a new solution to this mismatch we will ensure all subscription users are notified.

How do I add items to my subscription shopping list?

Items you’ve bought from rfnv.co.uk in the past can be added to your subscription shopping list from the subscription area of your account page. Alternatively, you can add any item to your subscription shopping list by going to its individual item page and clicking on the calendar icon.

How do I change my shipping or billing address and phone number?

You can view or change your shipping and billing address (including phone number) from the 'Delivery and address details' section of your account page.

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